BrandBlox is the responsive email design and coding platform for brand-conscious marketers.

In a nutshell, BrandBlox is

the premiere responsive email design and coding platform that works with any email service provider (ESP) and marketing automation platform (MAP).

Drag and drop your way into a best-in-class, customized, responsive, all-device friendly email in minutes – not days or weeks.

No design or coding experience required.


Because it shouldn’t be so hard to create an email that actually gets the job done.

We developed BrandBlox because creating emails for integrated campaigns, nurture programs, newsletters, and to support other demand generation activity, seemed ridiculously hard – for several reasons.

It takes a long time.

Producing a traditional email requires the input and review of a bevy of people. You’re left taking one step forward and two steps back as you watch the weeks and months pass by.

It can be really expensive.

Want a responsive, brand-compliant email that encourages conversions? Great! Time to assemble a team of the best designers, coders, copywriters, and project managers. You were expecting to spend a few thousand dollars on this, right?

It requires many people with many talents.

If you want your traditional email to do its job, you need the talent to make it happen. No, not those jacks-of-all-trades. We’re talking about the kings of their craft – the folks with specific know-how and finesse, whether it’s in coding, design, or copywriting.

The magic happened when brand-conscious marketers spoke out.

In order to create a solution that, well, solved marketers’ problems, we went straight to the source – marketers, of course! – to better understand their pains and struggles. We met with several marketing teams – from 5 to 400 people strong, and let them vent their grievances.

They talked. We listened.

So, what do marketers need to improve their experience with email marketing? What we heard, straight from the source is that creating an email needs to be:


The need for specialized skill sets slows us down. We need to quickly create an email – from concept to delivery – without design or coding experience.


Every email we create should adapt to any screen size, web browser, and device, so that the customer experience isn’t hampered.


Regardless of who’s creating an email, keeping the fonts, colors, and layout consistent with our branding should be simple, if not automatic.


Good-looking emails are nice, but what matters most is conversions. We want a solution that adheres to (and evolves with) email marketing best practices.

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Watch us create an email in under 2 minutes!

So just how fast is BrandBlox anyway? Pretty darn fast! Watch us drag and drop our way to a fully responsive, professional quality email in a matter of minutes!

Why the heck does it to create an email?

Join us as we embark upon the perilous and exhaustive journey of the average email. See, first hand, how it struggles to fight its way through endless obstacles and nefarious forces, all in an effort to fulfill its one true destiny – reaching your audience.

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And by free, we mean FREE. Here’s what we’ll do:

First, you’ll send us one of your recent emails. We’ll take that email and completely redesign it, with your branding and audience as the focal point. We’ll then meticulously code your template to ensure it’s optimally viewed no matter where, when, or how, it’s opened.

You’ll walk away with a complimentary, state-of-the-art email template you can use for future mailings. No credit cards. No agreements. It’s just our way of saying howdy, and showing off the power of BrandBlox.


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