About BrandBlox

For Marketers. By Marketers.

For Marketers.
By Marketers.

Certain there had to be a better way, BrandBlox founders left their corporate and agency jobs to embark on a journey to help B2B marketers become more effective.

It’s no secret that B2B demand generation has matured significantly in the past few years. Integrated marketing campaigns, email nurture programs, digital marketing tactics, and attribution models have become exponentially more sophisticated.

And for each of those demand generation tactics, the most common goal for all marketing programs was to move those who responded to any of these campaigns through the stages of the demand funnel to become a customer.

While some in the industry felt email would be dead by now, we’ve seen the complete opposite. Email has become even more effective – especially when used as part of an integrated marketing campaign.

In fact, marketers consistently rank email as the single-most-effective tactic for awareness, acquisition, conversion, and retention. (Gigaom Research, 2014)

But this rise in email marketing was not without its challenges for B2B marketers.

Our Charter

BrandBlox was created by B2B marketing veterans to solve real-world problems for the B2B marketer including:

Inefficient Workflows

Traditionally, the email development lifecycle includes a writer, designer, email-specific coder, marketing automation expert, project manager, and others depending on the scope of the project.

But with the increasing need to drive, augment, or support campaigns with email – the time, effort, and resources required to execute an email effectively need to mature with the rest of digital marketing.

BrandBlox was created to significantly shorten the existing process by reducing the number of steps and people involved.

Talent Gap

With the ever-evolving marketing technology landscape – and marketers who need to focus on strategies – keeping abreast of email best practices or the latest in responsive email coding standards, just isn’t feasible for today’s marketer.

A task typically assigned to a very specialized email coder and the back-and-forth with writers, designers, and coders can be like getting sucked into a black hole.

With BrandBlox, anyone can design. Anyone can produce responsive, standards-based, coded emails. Further, best practices for email effectiveness are embedded into the platform.

Brand Compliance

As a founding team, we counted dozens of re-brand initiatives under our belts. We’ve relaunched brands, socialized brand and style guidelines, and policed materials and communications – fearful that without doing so, we’d dilute our brand.

However, as much as we tried to educate and enforce, we couldn’t get everyone on the same page. But then we realized that we weren’t giving marketers the tools to be brand compliant.

So with that, we created BrandBlox to help marketers become more brand-compliant with all of their email marketing initiatives.