The BrandBlox Pillars:


Everyone loves an attractive email – the simple lines, the concise and effective copy, the clear call to action. But there’s so much more to an email than just the way it looks. There is a science that goes into building an effective email; there are best practices that must be followed to get people to open, read, and convert.

That’s why collective marketing intelligence is at the heart of every BrandBlox email. Each BrandBlox template has best-in-class email marketing practices built right in to ensure deliverability, conversion, and results.

We do the technical heavy lifting so you don’t have to. While we take care of all that backend work, you can focus on other things like segmenting your database, identifying your customer journey, and creating personalized content that’s sure to impress … and convert.

Read more about the art and science of creating effective email marketing campaigns.

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    Increase Your B2B Email Open Rates
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