The BrandBlox Pillars:

Fast and Easy

Even as more and more marketing channels are created, email still delivers the best results and highest ROI, especially for the B2B marketer. Need proof? The most recent estimates say you can expect a ROI of $43 for every $1 spent.

That’s a pretty impressive ratio.

But creating an integrated email campaign that delivers those types of results can take a long time and cost a lot of money – eating into that ROI.

That’s because producing an email the traditional way requires you to assemble a team of the best (and costly) responsive designers and coders, not to mention highly trained copywriters and project managers.

You’re left taking one step forward and two steps back as you watch the weeks and months pass by. Before you realize it, that “simple” email you wanted to create has just cost you a few thousand dollars to send.

BrandBlox eliminates many of the costly steps, roadblocks, and bottlenecks that plague the traditional email creative process.

Here’s how

You start with your arsenal of branded and responsive BrandBlox templates; head on over to our enhanced drag-and-drop interface to swap out or reposition your blocks and add your text and images however you want (really, the sky’s the limit!).

Just like that, you’re hitting send and reducing the time-to-market for emails from weeks (or months) to just minutes.

Read more about how you can improve your email workflow.

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