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Recent Trends in Email Market Share

Madeleine Helme Trends

It is interesting to see how user behavior changes over time when it comes to email. Monitoring the devices and email clients that people use to open and view their emails can help to inform marketers in how they create and send their email campaigns. Email marketing gurus, Litmus, collect data each month using their analytics tools, based on more …

The New Path of the B2B Buyer’s Journey

Ian Linton Trends

Business buyers follow a familiar journey when they are purchasing a new product or service. They research the type of product they are looking for, find and compare vendors, and negotiate terms when they have found a potential supplier. And, for sales teams looking for the next big customer, the process is similar. Check that the prospect is interested in …

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Don’t Fall for the Email Marketing Death Hoax

Susan Vorodi Trends

Like Paul McCartney, B2B email marketing has been the victim of a death hoax. How many times have you heard that no one reads email anymore or that social media is the nail in email’s proverbial coffin? Well, don’t believe the rumors, because email marketing isn’t dead. It’s is alive and kicking – just like Paul McCartney. Email continues to …

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Survey Says: Mobile, Email, and Social Media Driving Revenue

Will Todd Trends

Salesforce recently released its 2016 State of Marketing report, surveying almost 4,000 marketing leaders for key insights into the evolving industry. Marketers believe that mobile, email, and social media channels are now core functions in their organizations that drive revenue. Software within these channels gives marketers the tools to be effective in highly competitive markets and experience significant growth. Here …

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The ROI of Email Marketing Continues to Go Unmatched

RC Victorino Trends

There is no secret that the ROI of email marketing is a figure that has few peers in the industry. Social, paid, SEO … none of these offer the return that a well-strategized email marketing plan offers. Now, some recent numbers are showing just how successful email marketing truly is, proving that even in 2015, emails were the way to …

What’s in Store for Email Marketing’s Future?

Cristie Skevofilax Trends

Email is one of the OG digital technologies. It’s also one of the most effective marketing channels available. So what can we expect in the future? compiled the predictions of leading experts in their article, 10 epic email marketing predictions for 2016. Here’s some of what they had to say: The new age of email Email has been underutilized, and …

Infographic: Most Marketing Emails Opened on Mobile Devices

Will Todd Trends

Litmus recently analyzed 13 billion email opens to discover where subscribers read email for their 2015 Email Market Share infographic to give marketers a more accurate picture of how the email landscape looked in 2015. The information illustrated by Litmus confirms the increase in mobile email opens and provides insight into the implications this trend can have on email marketing campaigns. Majority of …

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Put Away the Life Support: Email Marketing Isn’t Dead

Cristie Skevofilax Trends

You’ve probably heard analysts’ predictions and anecdotes from colleagues alleging that email marketing is dead. “Email’s too clunky, email’s too slow, email’s not interactive enough, email is too spammy” they said. It seems that every time a new means of communication comes along, analysts and “experts” assume that it will take the place of email. For a while there, social …

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Press Play: How to Use Video in Email to Increase Conversions

Susan Vorodi Trends

There may be no silver bullet for getting all of your prospects to open, read, and click your emails, but some tactics are more successful than others. With the popularity of YouTube videos and the prolific use of GoPros and smartphone cameras, it should come as no surprise that people respond to video content in B2B marketing. But just how …

Your Guide to Email Marketing in 2016

Cristie Skevofilax Trends

The perceived value of email marketing has had its ups and downs over the years, but has proven to be one of the most reliable and cost-effective ways to increase your customer base. A recent post by, You’ve Got Mail: The Comprehensive Email Marketing Guide, brings together statistics proving that email marketing is a requirement for your business. Among …