Reasons Your Business is Losing Email Subscribers

Hailee Franco Strategy & Planning

Many marketers will say email marketing is their favorite marketing tool. It is the easiest way to send content out to a sizeable number of people with very little effort. Emails have the power to bring in large amounts of revenue quickly and update customers on important company information. However, when used incorrectly, email has the power to turn customers away and unsubscribe from mailing lists. Are you seeing more unsubscribes than normal? Here are some reasons this may be happening.

You email too much

Just like you hate when your mom calls you every day, customers hate receiving tons of email. According to CMB, 69 percent of people unsubscribe from a business’s email lists because they receive too many emails. If your email list is aware they will be receiving daily emails, then an email a day is expected. However, sending daily emails is generally not a good practice. Research how many emails you send every week. Do you have room to cut back?

Customers don’t find the content relevant

Relevancy is extremely important for emails. CMB reported that 41 percent of people unsubscribe to emails because they have no value. Examples of emails with no value include products the customer isn’t interested in or an event that has passed. Experian found personalized subject lines increase open rates by 26 percent.

What is relevant to some may not be relevant to others, so customizing your email sends may help reduce unsubscribes. Filling your customer’s inbox with “junk” mail is a sure fire way to make them lose interest.

You don’t email enough

You need to email enough to show your customers that you care. Emailing them sporadically with only company centric emails can cause customer dissatisfaction. Dissatisfied customers usually leave or at the very least unsubscribe from the mailing list. Sending out 2 or 3 emails weekly will put your business in front of your customers but not overwhelm them. These emails can feature topics such as industry news, tips and tricks, and product promotions.

You are unwilling to change

In order to succeed with email marketing, your business must be willing to change. What you think is the perfect email, may not be the same for your customers. If your business refuses to try new email tactics it will hurt the relationship you have built with your customer base. Sending the same emails with the same frequency and the same subject lines will most likely result in unsubscribes. Look at your analytics to see what you are doing right and what can be changed.  Then test new email types on a small section of your mailing list. If you find higher open and conversion rates, maybe it is time to make a few changes.

Email lists are a vital marketing tool that can increase sales and customer loyalty. Simple mistakes can cost your business both and leave you with large unsubscribe numbers.

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