Retain Subscribers with an Email Preference Center

Hailee Franco Strategy & Planning

You work extremely hard to cultivate a mailing list of quality customers. You work even harder to create exciting content to engage them and promote customer loyalty.

You think you have built the perfect email marketing campaign, until you see a huge surge in unsubscribes. While it is discouraging when this happens, it is easily fixed. Implementing an email preference center has been shown to help retain subscribers and improve customer engagement.

What is an email preference center?

An email preference center is a tool to help customers choose the emails they want to receive based on personal preference. It gives them the ability to select options that tailor their user experience rather than only letting them unsubscribe. Customers can also update other information like name, email address, and country of origin.

Why does a preference center retain subscribers?

Puts the customer in charge of content

One thing will always be true: no two people are the same. Sending out the same email to everyone means you risk customer dissatisfaction. When you give the customer control of the content they receive, unsubscribes plummet. This is because the emails sent always contain information relevant to them.

Personalization of the email experience builds customer trust and improves relationships overall. Most importantly, it gives them a reason to stay by ensuring all the content they receive is valuable.

Allows the customer to control email frequency

The biggest reason customers unsubscribe is email frequency. Constantly sending emails causes people to get overwhelmed and walk away. When they are already busy, your customer base is not going to take the time to set up mail filters. Instead, they will unsubscribe altogether, leaving you with one less customer.

Email preference centers help eliminate customer frustration by allowing them to decide the frequency they want receive emails. Customize this feature to give as many options as possible like daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. You can also set email frequency based on email type like newsletters and promotions.

Makes personal information updating easy

Your customers’ personal information is constantly changing. They may move to a different country, get married, or change jobs. Each of these events could require an update to their personal information. If it is not easily accessible, many customers take that as a sign to move away from your company.

With an email preference center, customers have access to change their information with just a few mouse clicks. They can update an email address, change their last name, or switch to a new country whenever something changes.

Bonus tip for even greater retention

Include a link to your preference center in every email you send. It should be visible and clearly state the link’s purpose. “Update Preferences” or “Change Email Settings” are good examples of link names. Making it easy for customers to change their preferences will increase the likelihood they update their information.

Don’t take chances with your mailing list. Implement an email preference center to guarantee fewer unsubscribes and increase customer loyalty. It really is that simple.

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