BrandBlox Makes Email Design as Easy as Child’s Play

When it comes to complicated and time-consuming email production, we’ve been there, done that, and bought the T-shirt. What if we told you there’s a way to create a fully responsive and branded email in minutes, and that the only skill you’d need to get the job done is something you learned as a child?

That’s where BrandBlox comes in. BrandBlox is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop platform that allows you to build customized, pre-coded emails with branded blocks – BrandBlox!

It’s time to move forward. It’s time to awaken your inner child, break out those BrandBlox blocks, and get busy building your next email masterpiece.

BrandBlox isn’t just another “email template tool” that limits you to one design (unless you want to pay for more, of course) or forces you to choose from template designs that everyone else is using too.

So then, what is BrandBlox? It’s like a set of building blocks for email.



image blocks


text blocks


You can mix and match your BrandBlox blocks to create a new brand-compliant, responsively coded email, with best practices baked right in. Each BrandBlox email is pre-coded and tested, so you know it will work on every device and in every email client – every time. Just add your copy and images, and you’re ready to hit SEND.

Built a BrandBlox email you really like? Want to use it to build a nurture campaign? Great. Save it as a template, and use it again next time. Want to send out an email with a new look? No problem. Drag and drop to your heart’s content, without having to pay someone for their design or coding expertise.

We know what you’re asking. What about branding? Sure, it’s nice to design emails in a flash, but we can’t ignore branding, right?

Right! Which is why your BrandBlox blocks are brand-approved and feature your company’s color palette and fonts. It’s just one less thing for you to worry about.

Ready to play?

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