The New Path of the B2B Buyer’s Journey

Ian Linton Trends

Business buyers follow a familiar journey when they are purchasing a new product or service. They research the type of product they are looking for, find and compare vendors, and negotiate terms when they have found a potential supplier. And, for sales teams looking for the next big customer, the process is similar. Check that the prospect is interested in …

sales and marketing data

Integrate Sales and Marketing Data to Drive B2B Email Success

Susan Vorodi Best Practices

When sales and marketing teams work together and share the data they each have on customers and prospects, they can create email campaigns that move prospects through the pipeline faster, accelerate closing times, increase revenue, and reduce cost per sale. The problem is that sales and marketing departments have traditionally worked independently, even though they are focused on the same …

6 Elements of an Effective Email Content Strategy

Susan Vorodi Strategy & Planning

An email content strategy defines the type of content that you release to different contacts or personas during an email campaign. An effective strategy provides your contacts with valuable information that helps them in their role and creates a positive attitude towards your organization, resulting in a closed sale. Meets your business objectives Your content strategy should meet your business …

marketing automation

Use Marketing Automation for Successful Event-based Email Campaigns

Susan Vorodi Tactics

To be successful, an exhibition, conference, or another event must attract the right visitors and give them a compelling reason to attend. Email plays an important role in this process by providing a cost-effective tool to communicate with prospective visitors, raise awareness of the event, and maintain interest throughout the period leading up to the event. Using an marketing automation …

7 Reasons Lead Nurturing Emails Are 3x More Effective than Other Marketing Emails

Susan Vorodi Strategy & Planning

Lead nurturing emails are emails designed to move prospects and customers through a series of stages in the buying cycle from initial understanding and awareness to readiness to buy. Typically, prospects move from initial awareness of a problem or need to understanding their requirements, considering possible solutions, preferring a solution, and making a buying decision. Drive better results Planning an email …

3 Marketing Tasks You Must Automate

Madeleine Helme Best Practices

Marketing automation tools are a lifesaver when it comes to juggling customer communication tasks. They save time and make your marketing messages more reliable and consistent. Which saves leads when you cannot respond immediately, or worse, forget. Businesses using marketing automation demonstrate a 417% increase in revenue and a 451% increase in qualified leads. Relying too heavily on automation, however, …

opossum playing dead

Don’t Fall for the Email Marketing Death Hoax

Susan Vorodi Trends

Like Paul McCartney, B2B email marketing has been the victim of a death hoax. How many times have you heard that no one reads email anymore or that social media is the nail in email’s proverbial coffin? Well, don’t believe the rumors, because email marketing isn’t dead. It’s is alive and kicking – just like Paul McCartney. Email continues to …

red star among many gray stars

Dynamic Customization of Email Drives Better Campaign Results

Susan Vorodi Best Practices

Dynamic customization of email – that sounds like a job for the IT department. But, in fact, it refers to the new generation of email personalization techniques. Certainly, it requires technology to make it happen, but the real task is to identify the messages and the content that add value and are relevant to each recipient. That’s a job for …

Are You Making These Top 10 Email Marketing Mistakes?

Susan Vorodi Best Practices

Email is a powerful marketing tool that can nurture leads, build strong relationships, and generate additional revenue. However, to achieve campaign success, you must avoid the email marketing mistakes that can limit your opportunities. Here are 10 of the most common email marketing errors: 1 – Emailing without permission Unless you have the recipients’ permission, you must not send emails. …