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The Best Types of Subject Lines to Improve Open Rates

Hailee Franco Tactics

You spend hours writing amazing email content guaranteed to lead to sales or provide customers with valuable information. Then you send the email and notice your open rates are extremely low. This is probably because you spent so much time writing the content that you didn’t consider the email’s subject line. This simple line of text is the first thing …

How to (really) Measure Email ROI

Susan Vorodi How-To

Should you measure email ROI? When you need to justify campaign expenditure or pitch for additional funds, a good return on investment will provide you and the executive team with a strong case. And, when you start to run the numbers on other email metrics, you’ll find it easy to calculate ways of improving ROI by making some simple adjustments. …

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Integrate Sales and Marketing Data to Drive B2B Email Success

Susan Vorodi Best Practices

When sales and marketing teams work together and share the data they each have on customers and prospects, they can create email campaigns that move prospects through the pipeline faster, accelerate closing times, increase revenue, and reduce cost per sale. The problem is that sales and marketing departments have traditionally worked independently, even though they are focused on the same …

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Use Marketing Automation for Successful Event-based Email Campaigns

Susan Vorodi Tactics

To be successful, an exhibition, conference, or another event must attract the right visitors and give them a compelling reason to attend. Email plays an important role in this process by providing a cost-effective tool to communicate with prospective visitors, raise awareness of the event, and maintain interest throughout the period leading up to the event. Using an marketing automation …

A/B Testing: Do This and Not That

Susan Vorodi Best Practices

A/B testing or split testing is a well-established method of comparing the potential performance of emails with different content. You can use the test to find the optimum subject line, messages, layout, offers and content for different members of your target audience. This test is important because, if you send emails without testing, you could waste part of your budget …

7 Reasons Lead Nurturing Emails Are 3x More Effective than Other Marketing Emails

Susan Vorodi Strategy & Planning

Lead nurturing emails are emails designed to move prospects and customers through a series of stages in the buying cycle from initial understanding and awareness to readiness to buy. Typically, prospects move from initial awareness of a problem or need to understanding their requirements, considering possible solutions, preferring a solution, and making a buying decision. Drive better results Planning an email …

Your Email and Content Marketing Strategy Should Go Hand-in-Hand

Will Todd Strategy & Planning

How connected are your strategies for email marketing and content marketing? Oracle’s Damian Borichevsky thinks that while both strategies are invaluable to increasing ROI, using email and content marketing together can deliver even better results. His article, Why Email Is Essential for Your Content Marketing Strategy, focuses on how using your content marketing assets in your marketing emails can boost …

5 Ways to Grow Your Email Lists (without even trying)

Will Todd How-To

Trying to grow an email list can really test your patience. We’ve been there. Marketers hoping to find success need to adopt new tactics as users’ behaviors change. HubSpot’s email list growth platform, Privy, conducted a study to learn more about the current state of email growth. Ben Jabbaway posted the results on HubSpot, What Email List Growth Looks Like …

Hassle-Free A/B Testing

Susan Vorodi How-To

When it comes to knowing whether your email messages hit home, which would you rather rely on: opinion or truth? As marketers, we appreciate opinions, but we know that our present and future email strategies rely on hardened data and statistics, which is exactly what A/B testing delivers. What is A/B testing? In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, A/B …