the renaissance of email

The Email Marketing Renaissance

Will Todd Trends

In a recent article posted on, Chad White shares his very honest experiences with being an email marketer over the last decade. He relates the hard times that he experienced as well as the email transformation that he has witnessed.

The state of the (email) union

At the moment, email is in a state of transformation while the world’s view of email has shifted. This is due to the explosion of mobile email usage and integrated marketing campaigns. Now that tools like marketing automation have given us intelligent marketing capabilities, we can integrate our marketing into our CRMs and analytics and “across functional areas like sales and customer service,” states White. Our marketing efforts can be more holistic than ever, and it’s because of the digital marketing revolution.

Mobile email marketing is beginning to hit its stride with responsive design and mobile optimization. These techniques allow marketers to create email that is mobile-friendly without losing sleep over the issue.

The technology advancements in email also allow for higher ROI and competitive advantage due to the level of sophistication present. Now that companies can personalize and dig more granularly, we will hopefully see the market shift from batch-and-blast marketing to more subscriber-focused strategies.

The email marketing renaissance

White relates how a lot of marketers in the late 2000’s jumped ship from email to “join the very shiny social and mobile industries.” At that point, email marketing had developed a stigma of spam and irrelevancy. However, only a few years later, marketers are not “falling into the email industry” because of last resorts or lack of options. White believes there will be a “second coming of age” for email in 2016. Email marketing has become an actively chosen career path again, not by magic but by technological innovations.

With this renaissance, new and fresh marketers are entering the industry, who are excited developers and content strategists who want to thrive in the world of email. The combination of technology and “fresh blood” will serve to enhance the email experience and radically shift the perception of email marketing.