Use Giveaways to Grow Your Email List

Madeleine Helme Tactics

When you start up a new business or begin email marketing for the first time, reaching people can seem like a daunting task. You may start building a customer base from scratch, and that takes time, hard work, and money to develop a significant contact list. Fortunately, others have developed tactics you can employ for list growth.

In this article, we will explore giveaways as a tactic for growing your email list. Running an online competition with prizes in exchange for an email address, gives users an incentive to join your mailing list. You might find giveaways have a higher attrition rate because some people enter solely for the prize. However, the method you use to run the giveaway can make all the difference for your list.

Choose the right prize

Offer a prize with enough value to grab people’s interest and specific enough to appeal to the right audience. Offering a TV or smartphone will attract every Tom, Dick, and Harry surfing the web. These people don’t necessarily have an interest in your brand and which won’t lead to sales or returning customers.

Select something that your target audience is interested in and knowledgeable about, something relevant to your business. The people who enter will be more qualified leads and generate sales further down the line.

Incentivize sharing

Make your giveaway go viral to attract people who may not be aware of your brand. Many competitions encourage entrants to share the giveaway on social media. But when more people enter the contest, it decreases their chance to win. Give entrants an incentive to share, offer more entries into the giveaway for every platform they share it on or every friend who enters. This way, the more they share, the more chances they have to win.

Promote a partner

Gain greater exposure for the giveaway, by partnering with another. Pick a partner with a similar target audience and include one of their products or services as the prize. They promote their products and you get to share your giveaway with an existing audience. Win-win!

Stay in touch

Once you’ve collected a list of emails from the giveaway, your next step is crucial. You can’t ignore your customer base and expect sales to roll in. Create value to being a list member and customer with regular communication. Follow up with the giveaway by offering consolation prizes for those who didn’t win, like 10% off a future purchase.

If you are ready to experiment with a giveaway, try these tactics to begin growing your list!